IndianBob posted:

I finally got all the parts for my build of a Carrera 547 4 cam Porsche engine.  I’ve got the case together and the pistons and the crank installed but haven’t put the heads on yet. I’m sure timing will be a problem.  Has anybody done one of these? 

We're all a bit more plebeian than that.

I'd be super-interested in some pictures, though-- you know, to live vicariously through them.

Will Hesch posted:

 Oh Stan,                                                                             I guess I wasn’t clear enough about my build.  I figured that since this site is a speedster replica site that you would know that I was just building a Carrera four cam replica engine! ;-) 619244FF-C835-48BD-835C-F76C25A535F3B9C6B06E-A00D-4AA3-A93A-C343714430E85668C44D-83AF-4772-80DD-661BD7C79B90C00D63F4-D9D6-4AE4-AFE5-32D42815619B60C7D5C8-3211-40DC-B245-73B06F4260A5When it’s done I’ll post a video of it running complete with sound!



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Chuck Martin posted:


Bought mine in November, it has been kicking my a** since. Last time I worked on it I may have lost some of the valve springs (careful they are extremely small and fine) it may end up just a static non-running model. 😣

You could try using springs from ball-point pens. I took all the springs and put them in a little box and set it aside. One thing about this model engine, it’s put together without glue using little tiny screws so it could, theoretically, be taken completely apart and put back in little bags and re-sold to be built again. When I was a kid I built the visible V8 model which got me to be an auto mechanic and eventually a body and paint man. I recommend any kid to get one of these visible engines, I have two left to build, one is a Harley Twin Cam 98cu in model visible engine and the other is just an S & S EVO 88 cu in clone visible engine.  I usually do stuff like this in the winter when I can’t ride my bike.

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