I agree: this is NOT the place for political opinion.  We came together here to support our passion and learn from the experience of others.

With that said, I always thought “SOC” was short for “Speedster Owners Club”.  I appear to be mistaken.  Not to mention the last thing I want to do is exclude Spyder owners over one little word.  It took me a long time to find the SOC badge I now proudly display on my Speedster.  Best part is, I can put it on a Spyder if that day ever comes!  With that in mind, a simple “SOC” with some appropriate art would be quite a nice addition to my grill.  After all, the original doesn’t specify if the “C” is for “Club” or “.com”!

If I were to design one, I’d make a badge with a grill (or two) with the original “SOC” badge on it as a sort of homage; or at least to remember the original.  Simple, yet completely different.

The purpose of the badge, to me at least, is to express our individuality while being part of this group.  The more opinions that get posted, the more convoluted the design process will become.  And no matter the result, someone won’t be happy.

Regardless if the final design, I will be purchasing several...and above all else: thank you Rich for taking on this project!

I do think that since our focus is to enjoy our cars as a hobby we try to agree to disagree on political and religious matters.  

Maybe we should take that attitude and carry it forward to other area, sites  

As I age, I realise how much of a gift it is to be able to truly discuss any point 360 degrees without becoming so offended that you break fellowship.  The Bonus is that you get to keep those friends that have a complete 180degree opinion.  Wow isn't that a wonder.

It isn't easy but as times the difficult conversations requires the others feelings to be offended at you.  Staying offended is a choice.  Ok enough said, I fell off the pulpit.  

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