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OK, I've been inspired by the "Tour de Smo" and have found a couple of decent tours around central Massachusetts that might appeal to some.  We can do either one in September or wait until October for the pretty foliage (or both), but I fear that the roads might become crowded with "leaf-peepers" by then.  Even then, having driven these routes myself in the past, the scenery is spectacular and just goes by slower.   I've yet to see any RVs on either of these routes, but both are popular with the motorcycle set.

Here is the first one, that takes a couple of hours and rides the roads around the Quabbin Reservoir  (The "Tour de Quab")

This might entice @Tom Marantz to venture out of Northampton in his Suby-Outlaw coupe.   The write-up is good, the towns and villages are very quaint and the roads are a lot of fun.  Food and nature stops are scattered along the route.

The second one is slightly less central, but is one of the few unmolested greenways in Central New England.  We could meet anywhere, but the Vanilla Bean Café in Pomfret, Connecticut is a good gathering point.  From there we would start the "Tour de Scutl'nd" by taking the back way down CT 97 south to Scotland, CT, and stopping at the Sharpe Hill Winery along the way.  I haven't heard whether they're having the October Scottish Highland Games (I'll check) and would avoid that area during that weekend, as it gets very crowded.  

From Scotland we head East (not south) to get to the pretty town of Canterbury where we connect with CT 169 north up to Brooklyn (you totally lost already?) and then continue back to Pomfret - That loop is about an hour.  From the 'Bean we have the option of grabbing a bite to eat there, heading east through Putnam to I-395 and scatter home or continue up 169 to Sturbridge, MA and maybe hit BT's Smoke House on MA 20 for some of the best BBQ in New England.   From there you can go home via MA 20 or I-90.

Social distancing will be in effect throughout both of these tours.  I may preliminarily run them both in the coming week to scope out safe-looking scenic, food and nature break stops.  1st and last cars will have radio links (FRS/GRS) to keep us organized (as well as cats can be herded, I suppose) so if you want to do the tours on a motorcycle and your headset/walkie works with FRS/GRS channels, you're all set - bring it along.  You're welcome to download the Tour de Quab from the website, but be aware that it starts and stops in New Salem and appears to freak out if you want to start elsewhere.  I'll try to fix that with a new version from Google Maps this week, but the one in there is good for now.

The terrain on both is mixed hilly and undulating with typical winding New England cow-path roads that are in good shape.  We'll be on numbered routes for the most part, no neighborhoods, but the occasional town or village.  Outside of villages we'll generally cruise at about 50mph.

So......    Anybody interested?  I'm open to any sunny day, week or weekend, depending on other things going on.  Give us a few ideas about days and we can go from there.  I have Saturday the 12'th open but the other weekends are booked until October.  Wednesdays are bad for me so suggest something else and we'll see.


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Ray:  We have the means to unobtrusively get you across the border but would you really want to come down here?   

Ahhhh.....   Looks like Prarit Bhargava wants to go with his Graphite Seduction 550 Spyder.  That's one Seduction for the Smo and one for the Quab.

I'm still waiting to hear from Chris.  One of his friends is coming from NH with his BMW motorcycle.  Haven't yet heard back from Hot Rod Ron yet - He lives on the Tour de Quab route and could be driving this little gem which should certainly keep up:


Now I'll have to set a date and see what sticks.

This might be the only decent driving event in the Northeast this season since even the mighty PCA (doff your hats and look reverent at the very mention of the acronym, please) has been cancelling events left and right and the 356 club, due to the fact that the majority of members are over 75, has cancelled the season.  I'm just tired of sitting around or driving the same local roads all the time.  I'll check the route out to make sure this is safe but I'm sure we can do this.  If/when we do the "Quab" we can slip BT's Smokehouse in for a place to eat, too.  There is a baseball field right out back of the place, perfect for a picnic and it's all about 2 miles from the I-90/I-84 interchange.


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