Ginny & I had a a blast hanging with our SOC friends at Carlisle! 

Finally finished the video. When the video starts, be sure to click on the 'Gear' icon in the lower right and adjust video quality to 1080p. Best viewed via 'Full Screen'. Hope you enjoy the video. 

MusbJim - aka; El Guapo, the most guapo hombre in all of SoCal! 

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Ryan in NorCal posted:

YESSS! Thanks for giving the west coast a peek at how the other half lives. Really well done.

Robert, they have a megaphone. I'd never want to be on the other end of that.

I don't need no stinking megaphone. However, I could use a tailgate so I'm taller than a few people.

Thanks, Jim.  It was a great get together, and - as always - having you and Ginny there made it all that more special.

Lots of good memories. 

I even got to meet Vince, finally.  

Fan-freakin'-tastic as always, Jim!!!

This really was one of the better years.  The weather was great and we got to meet so many folks who'd never come before.  Now ya got me thinking about next year already.

Jim---thanks for another sensational video---you certainly captured the spirit and camaraderie of this year's Carlisle event.  The music, as always was super too. Thank you for doing this for everyone---such a nice memento of a great event.  

Outstanding job, Jim.  I couldn't get the smell-o-rama option to work though - Eau de Amish piggy poop.

Another EXCELLENT Musbjim production. It was a pleasure being there. We really enjoyed the weekend even though the clutch failed. Couldn't have gotten better friends or weather. It was a pleasure to finally meet Gerd after all these years. What a group!

Thanks again, Jim!(and Ginny for putting up with him!)

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Thank you Jim! As always with your productions, you capture the moment, we remember how much fun it was, catching up with old friends, making new ones and leave us waiting for next year. The effort you put into these is much appreciated! 

Thanks Jim, great job!  You hit it out of the park once again, it's like an instant replay of the whole fun weekend.  Always super to have Ginny and you join us and fun to have Gerd and Vince travel east too.     

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