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I am out of stock on my wings and visors for the last two months. My CNC guy has kicked me to the curb forcing me to find  another source. I did, but the price will be 50% higher. So will aluminum !  I ordered 200 more acrylic wind wings yesterday and they will be 40% higher !  I ordered 1000, SS 1/4 20X 3/4" socket head cap screws and 1000  SS 8/32 X 3/8" pan head machine screws at a new higher price of 55% more.

Now we are seeing the real cost of a Pandemic.  Out here, there is an aluminum shortage as well.   I was told at the Post office that stamps are going up soon so get more forever stamps now.  Will it ever end ?  Gas out here in my area is $4.36/gal today. .....................Bruce

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Friend has a shed company 14' x 32' wood construction was $7,000 now approaching $13k.    His steel RV - car ports that were $5,900 now $8,999 .

I just bought three 2"x 2" x 8's  for tomato stakes for $24.00 !

Gas here in  WV still at $2.78

The good news is that the Tuesday night all you can eat Spaghetti and Meatballs w/ garlic bread remains at $5.99 and a huge salad is only $1.50  !

I have a running speedster in route from Mass. to WV. I figured $700 or so  and I am a regular customer of the transporter,  it's $950 (WelI.... I still hope it is)

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Lumber prices have finally dropped ~45% up here in the last month but gas is still at Katrina-era prices, almost as high as it's EVER been. Grocery prices are way up over a year ago. Evidently we've all saved so much money being jailed in side for the last year that they can continue to gouge us for awhile further.

I'm a pipefitter from Buttscratch, Nowhere, and Jerome Powell is the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He probably didn't spend his Senior year in High School sitting on the hood of his $50 Opel Manta eating a bag of Dolly Madison Do-nettes, nor would he fondly reminisce about it 40 years later if he had

... so I'm going to have to trust that he hit the books while he was at Yale or Harvard or wherever, and that he knows what the heck he's doing. Because it looks to this pipefitter from Buttscratch, Nowhere like he's been dropping acid in the boys room down at the Federal Reserve Governors meeting with the rest of his Fed buddies.

Perhaps if one of them needed a garage door for a carriage house in the Hamptons, or to build a boat dock at the cottage in Sag Harbor, they'd worry a just a teensy bit more about inflation.

But perhaps not. I'm sure that Mr. Powell's own portfolio is very secure and hedged against all eventualities, regardless of any turbulence his policies are causing out here in flyover country.

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Yup...........a group of us bought a shipment of stuff from Sierra Madre last year October. I ordered a crap load of parts with the prize item being a shine down rear light for the back of my 55. This was the last period correct part that I needed and guess what....back order......From October 2020 to about 3 weeks ago was the wait. I couldn't get a refund because the new revised prices came in and what was $259 is now $425.00. So I had to wait.

I finally have the part though. Gary

SM shows that they only have 9 of the lights left in stock.


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This just in:

On May 26, I drove the limo to St. Louis to pick up 3 pallets of R507 and R407a refrigerants. The per cylinder cost was in the $95/cyl neighborhood. I had a feeling...

I checked pricing this morning - R507 is $344/cyl, R407a is $367/cyl. That's a 362% increase in R507 and a 386% increase in R407a in a little over 30 days. I've had similar increases across all refrigerants.

The $12,000 worth of gas I bought last month is now over $42,000. We'll see if there's anybody left to buy it after all the dust settles.

For the Glory of the Rep

Tell me again how we're not deeply and absolutely screwed.


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