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The SE coupe can have rear engine Subby, which is the one I'd go for, if I were going.

Saw the mid engine prototype this past week end, and it is very nice. Engine is well insulated heat-wise and noise wise. Chassis and running gear are SotA, not VW at all. Car is 6" longer than original, and this is well hidden. Fit and finish is superb. Goes very well.  Mid engine would give it a handling advantage.  This car could easily be tracked.

Still in final prototyping stages. It is pretty well sorted, but has a few things to be perfected yet. The production process implementation has yet to be fully frozen.

That’s great news, thanks. A rear-engine subby would be perfect. I want a fun cruiser with the oversteer dynamics of a rear engine. A mid engine is undoubtedly better for performance, but that’s not what I’m after. And with the engine filling space in the cabin, the car may feel cramped.

I didn’t know the car was longer. I will have to have a closer look.

"Car is 6" longer than original, and this is well hidden."

Actually it's only 2" longer.  The rear track is also 2" wider for more stability.  I drove it and, while it was the first prototype, it only had a couple of details keeping it from feeling fully sorted.  Very impressive.

The mid-engine layout did not make it feel at all cramped.  In fact it was far roomier than my Speedster.  While you do give up the "just throw it in the back" feature, having a sizable sealed trunk to keep things out of sight is a plus.  I was surprised at the room in both trunks.  The car was also amazingly quiet, given the proximity of the engine.  It's taken them a couple of years longer than expected, but the time was well spent.

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