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Make sure that you get the Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO)from Tom McBurnie at the time you make final payment for your Spyder. I bought my 550 "Phase III" Spyder package a year and a half ago. I drove from St. Louis to Thunder Ranch to pickup my purchase and was smart enough to get a signed receipt for it at that time, when I gave him a Cashier's Check for the balance owed. The MSO was supposed to be sent to me later. In spite of subsequent phone calls, emails and USPS mail requests and eventually even a complaint filed with the California Attorney General, I still do not have an MSO.
I will probably have to spend several hundred dollars for a title service to get a proper title for the Spyder.
Also, there's a thread somewhere else in the forum about the lack of any instructions or wiring diagrams for the "kit." Angela Lane was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the earlier assembly manual (which was a real time saver -- Thanks again , Angela), but I never did receive a copy of the one that was being "edited" when I picked-up the kit from TR early last year.
I know there are Spyder owners who are quite happy with their TR purchases, and I would be, too, if I had received those two items, as promised. Maybe McBurnie doesn't like guys with mustaches or ???
I've given-up trying to get those two items from TR, but I thought I'd give you a heads-up so you can avoid a similar fate.
Have fun with your project. It'll be a rewarding experience, albeit at times frustrating.
Didn't order any major option just the drivers headreast and the bigger wheels that come with the 550A option. Thanks for your replies and the heads up on the MSO I'll check on that right away. If Angela has a copy of the manual maybe I can talk her out of a copy as well :) I have asked Tom to send one ahead if it is available.
I'm sure I'll have lots of questions in the near future.

Hey there Steve just noticed you are from Medford Oregon. I was just down there weekend before last helping my buddy shoot a movie out by Gold Creek? I think that was the name of the town. It was right in front of a winery. We were using one of the local car clubs old hot rods for the shoot.
Dang, Mike, and you didn't give us a shout? Suspect you were in Gold Hill near Sardine Creek. I can copy the manual today as I have other business at Kinko's, so if you would PM me your address, I can get this done. I think I owe a couple of people manuals but I've been in/out of town so much this year.... At any rate, I can do this one today. angela
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