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To whom it may concern,

Some of you may have seen a new in crate Jake Raby 2270 type 4 engine built to use in a VW Type 1 application for sale on Samba. I believe when I first saw the listing the owner was asking $20K for the engine and more for the header, exhaust, breather box and external oil cooler and fan. The current price listed to build this engine on Jake Raby's web page is $24,500.00 plus options and another $5k for the extras he is including making the total value near $30k . This engine has been race balanced at additional cost. The HP on the engine is 185 and the torque is 170 ft lbs.. The owner and I have stayed in contact over the last 6-8 months and he has become more motivated to sell. That said the engine and all extras can be bought for $10k. Supposedly the engine in the crate has been stored in a dry heat-controlled building and has been turned over regularly.  The engine was built in 2014 and has sat 9 years. This is something to consider and check for cylinder wall surface rust etc. valve springs sitting under compression for long periods in same spot isn't good either thus the need to turn engine by hand at the min. of every 2 weeks which I would be surprised has happened. If anyone has an interest this engine, contact Doug Taylor at I am thinking it over and may buy it and find a project for it. I am wanting a street Baja bug which this engine would be fun in but am good if one of you feels a need to have this amazing engine, it could be one heck of a good deal. He has all the Raby documents and build specs and break in Dyno video. Thought it would be worthwhile to pass this on.

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NICE! 10k is a screaming deal.

Worst case scenario:

Pull the valvetrain(rockers and pushrods), pull the heads.

Clean the cylinders, possibly a super light hone if they are rusty. Check the rings and slight possibility of needing replacement.

Replace valve springs while the heads are off.

Reassemble and reseal.

Easy peasy.

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