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Jerry, I assume you currently use the VW steering box....If so, and it's fairly new, your problem could be else where....Check the wheel bearing adjustment, Tie rod connections, pitman arm connection, steering damper...Etc...Any slop in any of these can create a problem....I know...Been there, Done that....

If you still need the rack and pinion data contact Corey Drake on the Spyder owners club site....Accessable thru this site....

Good luck, Leon C.

P.S. There are actualy two adjust ments to be made on a VW steering box....It takes a while to develop a "feel" for both, and the box will need to be removed to do them properly...
Actually you can cut an access port over the top of the steering box and do the adjustments with the box fully installed. A coverplate can be fabricated for the hole in pretty short order.... much easier than trying to remove the box..... I can hang a photo out if you want.

Also, I few mionutes spent adjusting mine resolved a problem with 1.5" of play, so there is a lot that can be done adjustment wise on some boxes. It is least on the couple or 3 I have been into...
Jim, I have drilled a 3/4" hole above the box and tightened the set screw up till I felt drag then loosened it a bit, this helped some.
Cannot find anything in the stering that is loose.

Leon, what is the other adjustment?
"P.S. There are actualy two adjust ments to be made on a VW steering box....It takes a while to develop a "feel" for both, and the box will need to be removed to do them properly... "

It felt good when I first put the kit together but it has gotten worse over the summer, it feels like something is moving in a slot as you turn into a corner, as you turn the stering wheel and the play is taken up then it stays put till you turn the other direction then the same thing happens.
Before you blame your steering (like I did), get a good 4-wheel alignment done, including checking the caster in the front. My biggest complaint when I first got my car was the steering, as it was downright spooky. After getting everything adjusted properly, I am quite happy with the stock arrangement. My car (a Beck Speedster) is somewhat different, obviously, but I think the same logic would apply.
Jerry...The second adjustment involves the rather huge allen screw that takes up the slack on the "worm". You can adjust just the "roller" slack by adjusting the screw on top of the cover, just don"t over do it...Check free play often while adjusting and dont let it "bind".

The "worm" adjustment requires access to the allen screw (very difficult while in the car) and you have to readjust the "roller" as you adjust the "worm".....A photo from a Haynes manual would help(anybody?) This will take several tries....If the box is not worn out or damaged, The response is almost instantaneous when the input shaft is turned.....Just don't be tempted tighten it up past that point....

This is one of those, "factory set, do not adjust" things the regular service manuals refer to...

Make sure you oil/grease level is up there....Remove two plastic plugs from box top....pump #1 or #0 grease into the bottom one until a steady flow emerges from the top one......I got a new box that required topping off....

Good Luck...

Lane, I had a 4 wheel alignment done when I first got the car together. This problem didn't start to show up till after about 1200k on the car.

Leon, Thanks
I'll pull the box out of the Spyder and have a look at it and see if I can get it adjusted properly.
The box was suposed to be new, it came with the kit, the worm set screw was 2+ turns loose when I checked it.
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