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Has anyone had experience with a Rack & Pinion kit sold by a German Tuning company ? I don't see how the rack mounts with the pan bulkhead in the way. What am I missing, or is this for a H beam mounted to a tube dune buggy frame?


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I am partway through my R&P installation and will be updating the other thread with photos when I am done.  I had to modify the beam to let the rack move farther to the left to align with my steering column. I had to cut away the bracket that holds the pitman arm stops and grind off one of the bumps that locates the steering box clamp. Now the clamp is right up against the grease fitting.

My steering column shaft is already 3" back from stock but I will have to shorten it more.  I am hoping I won't have to shorten the tube.

I bought a super beetle steering shaft double u-joint for $70 that I am not going to use.  I thought I could cut the joint off one end and then attach the stub of the piece between joints to my steering column shaft.  I think it is slightly too big to fit inside.

I am now using a Kia Sedona, 2002 - 2005, u-joint.  It seems to have the right diameter and matching number of splines.

To answer Jimmy, the rack attaches to the upper tube of the front beam.  The left end attaches with the original steering box clamp in approximately the same location.  The right end of the rack bracket attaches where the steering damper formerly attached.

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