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I am partway through the installation.

I haven't worked on it for several weeks because I fell when I was tree trimming and it has been painful to move around.

The rack is mounted and I have one tie rod installed, on the right side.  The tie rods are a little long.  On the right side, the ends are screwed all the way in so there is no adjustment in one direction.  On the left side, even all the way in was too long.

The tie rods are not hollow tubes.  They are solid with the ends bored out.  So, when I shortened the rod I also had to shorten the end piece the same amount.

I also used 14mm x 1.5 right and left taps to clean up the threads.

On the beam, I had to remove the nubs that position the clamp for steering box rotation and I removed most of the piece that limits left/right movement of the pitman arm.  The clamp is pretty much against the grease fitting.  I am still a little concerned about whether I will have an issue with alignment with the steering column shaft.

I will have to shorten the shaft a bit even though my original setup had it moved back about 2.5" with a spacer.

I am using a KIA SEDONA 2002-2005 u-joint.  It seems to match the splines on the rack.

I used aluminum angles clamped to my QuickJack to hold things in position.


Partway through the beam mods, still had to grind off the nubs:




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