Another rainy day here, and I had to cancel my annual track day at Mosport International Raceway.  I wouldn't feel comfortable tracking the car in the rain, with the top up, with limited visibility. 

Mosport is one of the annual events I look forward to that I can attend with my Speedster, and it's a pain to have to miss it. 

We have had just too much rain this year.

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Cloudy all day today here. Susan and I went out to a park and did some hunting with a metal detector. Cloudy days are good for this stuff. Found a wheat penny. Found something weird too. A full fledged VOODOO Doll with burned legs. My detector rung my bell when I passed it over what looked to be a sock. I thought HA !... a sock with coins in it ! I picked it up and found that it had been fashioned with cloth and pinned together with fish hooks ! The hooks were what set off the detector. Anyway, it was pretty weird. Someone was wishing someone some bad luck or events to happen. We put it back where it laid and went on.  Only in California. This liberal state allows all sorts of weird people in........Chilling !.........Bruce

Lane.  We have had a very wet, cool, rainy Spring so far.  We get a day or two of sunshine, then the clouds and rain come in again.  A lot of the local farmers have had difficulty getting their crops in, but I did see a nice field of newly cut hay today.

Our furnace has even been coming on, and it's the middle of June!   And I just got a call from my firewood provider asking me if I need an order for this coming Winter. 


Yes, We the North (grammatically incorrect, of course).  

Today in Massachusetts was GORGEOUS!   Upper 70's, sunny and dry.  

So what do I do?  I go for a ride on my Bike!

This will be the only sunny day here this week (and yesterday rained all afternoon).  You take pedal days when you get them.  Almost went for a ride after dinner, but did a walk around the neighborhood and met a new, 6-week old Golden Retriever pup.  That was worth the walk right there.......

Hay is growing well around here (after all, hay is pretty tough and resilient) but garden crops will be as iffy as last year.  Kathy's peas are 4' high and loaded, beans seem to be struggling.  Tomatoes look good so far, but they did last year until the rains never stopped and then were marginal producers.  Fennel is barely making headway but the Dahlias at the garden corners are gaining 3" per day!

But then, there are the lettuces and squashes - At least twice what I expected at this time and really taking off.  The squash are on drip irrigation which is controlled by a moisture detector and, honestly, the rain barrel feeding them does not go down.

Now, if I could just get the pool temperature to climb up over 62F, THAT would be nice!

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