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Round 2:

For Sale -  a set of four chrome 5-1/2" Brazilian Mangle wheels, re-centered apx 5/8"- 3/4" inboard (wheel center moved out), to allow more wheel clearance between the rear tires and the fender lip.

No tires.

I cannot guarantee these will work with an IRS pan and a narrow body car, but they came on my 2005 Intermeccanica with IRS and standard trailing arms, so it would seem like they would.

The overall width of the wheels is apx. 6- 1/2" +/- (wheel width is measured from the mounting surface of the tire). The distance from the hub to the face of the wheel is 2-1/4" +/-, which makes the distance between the hub and the inside edge of the rim about 4-1/4" +/-. Backspace is an estimate, but I'd say it's approximately 4" +/-.

Chrome is good, barrels were painted 19 years ago (some flaking paint now, chrome is still good), no rust.

$300 for all 4. I'll box them, but the buyer pays shipping from 61550. PM me to purchase.

Face of wheel (typical): wheel face

overall width


"BlazeCut®(TM) woulda' saved it!!"


Images (3)
  • wheel face
  • overall width
  • frontspace
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