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"In fact I will come to Carlisle next year and publicly kiss your bare asshole if you do have it by then. Thats right, not just the fleshy cheek, but literally the rings around your anus."

Steve, I will cut and paste this challange to an email to SAS. Maybe, out of spite, SL will push to make his deadline. :)

Otherwise, I'll have to remain realistically optimistic and hope for a longshot.
"Speedster-lingus" I can just see Carlisle Production's program for this event billed as.....

"Ladies and gentleman, may we have your attention please.....
Today 3:00 center stage just prior to our car giveaway drawing, from Iowa is none other than the to be famous SOC Steven, live and here in person today who will make good on his kiss'n center cut butt double dog dare ")
Witnessing a Steve O'Brien Rectal Smooch would be the highlight of 2009 for me. Having said that, I'm pledging to give Steve Lawing $100 cash money is he can get SAS coupe number two to Carlisle on time. Anybody else want to add to the kitty?

PS: O'Brien's beautiful cab is what got me in the que at SAS, and his encouragement and expertise has made the waiting more bearable. Still, wouldn't mind seeing him pucker up. Come to think of it, Bob might do a little puckering himself...
Vince, Charles ... We're on it like a bum on a ham sandwich.
Look for camera-ready art in a few days.

Oh, Steve. ... Dang. Maybe we can get Chap-Stick to sponsor the event? Or Kodak?
(Good to hear from you, man!)

On the SAS wait, we'll all be here to keep you company for the next few years, if it takes that long. At least it won't leak.
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