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I have Beck 550 whose emergency flashers have never worked like they should. Only the front lights flash when the emergency flashers is activated. All four turn signals work like they should.  In troubleshooting the problem I discovered that the car has a Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter. I replaced it just in case but nothing changed. The switch that activates the emergency flashers is a steering column mounted lever, like  turn signal lever, just shorter. Any advise will be appreciated.




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  • Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter
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I can only speculate what your issue might be but when I wire a new build.... I run a jumper wire between the Left and Right wires coming out of the signal switch, add a toggle switch to that jumper wire:  To operate flip the toggle on and move the signal switch to with the Left or Right position...  this powers all four signal lights.

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e-mail me a picture of your turn signal unit, or post it here.  Is it the more modern 3 arm black plastic version?  If so, then the connections are all made by the switch itself and use the same wires, the flasher lever just connects all together so it is most likely a bad connection inside the turn signal unit itself.  The "trailer box" isn also a culprit, but you've changed that already and ti doesn't know the difference from turn and hazard so if rear turns work and hazards do not, then you know the box is good and that leads back to the switch.

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