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Curved polished-aluminum grill for rear engine lid. Never used; in original packing.

$85, free shipping


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Difference between VS Aluminum and CMC - FF cast deck lid grill

VS:           Inside meas. 8-3/8 x 14 - 5/8   Outside:  8 - 5/8 x 14 - 7/8

CMC/FF  Inside meas. 8 x 14 - 1/8          Outside:  8 - 1/2 x 14 - 9/16

So, theoretically you could open up the CMC lid to fit a Vintage/everyone else grille?

Yes, I understand you'd have to construct a new lip or flange at the edge of the opening.

It would probably be easier to either replace the lid completely or just re-skin the CMC lid. Good opportunity to add louvers for extra air and "cool factor".

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