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I’m new to the forum. This is probably a topic that’s been hashed over here before...I’m looking for ideas on how to attach the rear license plate to a 550 Spyder. I tried using Velcro, and that worked for a while...plate eventually fell off and it was a hassle ordering another. I’m now using zip ties attached to air intake grill, but that’s unsatisfactory. I’ve considered drilling a couple holes beneath the rear license plate light and fixing the plate with a couple bolts, but, I’m thinking, with the contour of the fiberglass, the plate won’t sit flat. Anyone make a custom plate holder designed for the Spyder? I’m open to any ideas. Thank you for any suggestions.

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A standard plate bracket works fine. Most VW places sell this one. If you're concerned about the curvature of the rear of the car, you can use nylon spacers and longer bolts to space it out a little. Then twist the tabs of the bracket so it sits more vertical.

That is my car with a vintage NY plate on it. The plate is slightly larger than the current ones by about a 1/2" in both directions.

Pay attention to clamshell open exhaust clearance as well.

plate bracket20191021_181056


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I bolted mine directly to the car and bent it to conform to the body shape. One reason was, more light from the license plate light now illuminates the plate. I also added a small sheet of aluminum to wrap around the bottom to protect the paint from exhaust fumes and I split a piece of round screen spline down the middle and glued it around the edge to make a more finished look.



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I curved my plate on my first car, Carlos. Looks sweet and clean. I used bolts right through the body with nylon spacers.

To allay the exhaust fumes/residue, I made an extension of about 6 or 8 inches. 3" mild steel exhaust extension from Summit, I think they come in 18" length. A simple 1/2" tube welded and cut in the middle over the slit makes a nice pinch bolt. Inside I welded a Vortex cone insert. It takes the edge off of warmup, idle, and cruise. At WOT I can't tell the difference in sound or seat-of-pants power.

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