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I set about installing the shocks on my Spyder build today and the rear lower mounts swing too close to the frame tubes to fit a bolt head there. Thy just barely clear without the bolts.

The bolts are M-12s, The holes aren't threaded or anything so coming through from the other side or making a stud would be a project. 

So before I start trying stuff I thought I'd ask you Beck/Thunder Ranch owners: what's holding your rear shocks to the lower arm? Is your hub assy and lower shock mount like mine? Pics would be a bonus.



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edsnova posted:

Welp. A screw-in stud seems a PIA to me, lacking as I do a lathe or any taps or dies of the proper threads and gauge. But it does look like the way forward.

What a weird-ass glitch!

I'll see about getting the time-cert and the proper--what is it? 37/64th drill bit. Etc.

Thanks, all.

You don't have to hand make everything, Ed. You've done lots already. Google screw in stud suppliers. They're out there and may have some in a box ready to ship to you right now. 

So this happened. IMG_3959

That gets it by, both sides clear. I'll either set them in oriented correctly or just grind both bolt heads down by half all around. Solved.

Set both seats in and test-fit myself again. I'm three notches forward on the driver's side so I think the car should work as-is for most guys under 6'2" or so. Mister Torso obviously excepted.IMG_3961


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