Roberts One Tank Adventures


 I am going to start a series of Movies featuring Robert and myself and our one tank driving adventures from Fresno Ca and the surrounding areas..

For those who do not know we live in central cal and have a lot of cool places to drive that are close by, Coast, Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings National parks etc.. lots of foothills as well. 

Robert knows a lot of cool crazy roads with tons of scenic views and I  wanted to  share the fun we have.  Sometimes at high rates of speed.  

Last night I had the Honor of having dinner with Jim (musbejim) And Ginny, Robert and Nancy and Troy and Sally as they make there way home from Tahoe. 

I was telling them about how Robert and I head out on these drives and we all came up with an Idea for a Mid Cal drive adventure most likely to one of the great National Parks we have so close by.  Led by Robert whom I know can take us all through some cool scenic parts on the way there.

So look out for that possibly next year sometime.

here is the flick

its in 1080p   so its super crisp






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