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So frustrated with seat situation...rigid CMC buckets very uncomfortable and the very comfortable Miata seats were too big. and tall (i am 6' and windshield too short?) Lots of "racing types" on net...but they appear? to be too wide...surely somebody out there has some positive experiences with commercial ones available...not after authentic look...

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Seats from Vintage Motor Car in Hawaiian Gardens fit - they make a thinner speedster seat (shown $605 ea) and a more comfort cabriolet style.

Porsche 914 seats are comfortable and will fit - they do tilt back with the OEM 914 base.

What Miata seats do you have? - the NC (last produced 2015) was the largest inside.  NA and NB/ND (maybe) were smallest.  Would making a lowered seat pan get them low enough for you? Like a metal paint paint roller tray added to floor pan that gives new 3" more.


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  • 914 seat no back 2
  • 914 seats
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There are a few options that do work. Tilting the stock speedster style seat  by raising the front of the seat track  lowers the driver's overall height. Mounting the seats directly to the floor works but limits who drives the car. I built a speedster for a guy years ago that was 6' 4"  used 914 seats... cut the headrest off,  had them recovered  reused the low 914 seat tracks that that allowed for tilting back that also lowered the driver's total height in the cat .  @ Jack Crosby probably can further advise too.

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Wolfgang...Thanks!!  You guys have made these much easier...and our wives so much happier!

I have seen Vintage set and they are one of the most appealing out there but still leaning way back..which for me made neck and back issues a problem for rides longer than an hour.  Attached is pics the set of Miata's highback that were so! comfortable, adjustable..but head was in the "wind" . I definitely would have fabricated a "paint roller tray" if I could have had seat belts AND tilt adjuster not bust knuckles....even after cutting inboard fiberglass sections out???

comfy but too bigIMG_5371  

May eventually do "tray" ...not much room under my lowered pan...if I can find adjustable or rigid buckets....Got to be something to fit between tunnel and CMC steel beams...and my 38" butt ...out there?

Also pic of my bumble bee project...


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  • comfy but too big: Miata model??
  • IMG_5371: need to watch my receding hairline!

To do the paint roller tray floor drop 1-1/2"  to 1-3/4" is enough and still give you clearance for speed bumps. Any metal shop can bend and tack weld the floor trays to your specs, just be sure you allow for the material the bends take up.  If welding is not your thing or not available you can use adhesive that Mfg's use.  I found that 3M Panel Bond. is easy to use and id for metal to metal as well as metal to fiberglass.                     I built a Smyth Ute VW pick up truck with it.   

3M 08115 Panel Bonding Adhesive, 200 mL Cartridge | eBay

The duel cartridge fits into a special $65 gun but it is not needed for a one time project. You can cut the two section cartridge open mixing equal parts of the adhesive. There are different product numbers that dictate the dry times, you'll want at least a 30 minute set time.  Once the product has cured it is as strong as the metal is is bonded to.

Some newer Miata seats are made like lawn chairs with mesh side to side instead of springs.  Taller drivers remove the mesh (a meshectomy) to gain a couple inches.  Not sure how yours is constructed.

Great color and like the patina of the seats with the car.   Wheels give it  more modern look which matches the head rest seats.

Alas...I sold the Miata seats... already... tips would have helped height issue but not the width...loved the felt? addition fix because they were slippery!.  Looked at the 914 seats(replicas)...awesome... but $1,100 a seat..ouch..may have to buy some lottery tickets if can't find alternative.

Maybe the gage is too thin ...but that metal seat base from the Miata Foamectomy video looks like a great start for a "paint roller tray" fix.

Now if I can figure out how to get 1-2" more width...there are literally 40-50 "racing type" seats some that would be easy fit and possibly comfortable?

With all the Speedster kits ...finished...someone must have some recommendations?...for less than $2200...will look again at JPS..

again thanks to those helping with this...and other facets of the quest.!!!!!!

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