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I am about to place an order with Beck and I am wondering if anyone has registered a Beck or Intermechanica in Tennessee? 
I have seen at least one Speedster Replica in TN with Antique Tags. The car was registered as a 1957 Porsche 365. I know it can be done, but I don’t want to mess it up. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Yes not as a 1957 Porsche 356 - you want replica or tribute or even Beck SE in make.  Many states (VA) has a yearly personal property tax you pay based on Kelly Blue Book value (that could be $150k!).  Best to also register it as something exempt from current exhaust emissions and safety state laws.  Many states plug into the ODB port to do emissions - an air cooled engine won't have an ODB port. With a VW pan that is easier as you use the VW pans "VIN" for title so you get a '68 titled  replica with (near) no emission requirement plus it can qualify for antique tags - but as a 1968 vs 1957.  Most states (currently) exempt 25 (or in FL 30) year old vehicles.   Not sure with Beck's custom tube frame - assume it gets special construction or street rod titling? 

Keep in mind that it won't always be registered in TN - some titling designations can affect its resale to other states or countries.  I find it strange that new IMs destined for US can't go back to Canada and be registered (until they are many years old).  Don't ever tell an insurance company it's a kit car --- its a tribute or replica car!

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Buy a car from Greg at Vintage Motorcars of CA with the bigger motor, A/C, and easy titling and registration in you will get your car in under 6 months. It will be titled based on the year VW pan it is built on and it will be a quality build for sure. Not suggesting that the Beck is not a quality build but just suggesting you check out Vintage Motorcars build if you have not already done so. 


One if the things you should do Ben is see if there is a Cobra club in Tennessee. Those are all reproductions (mostly) and none of them are on modified VW pans so they will know the steps to get registered in TN. The steps will definitely be different than with a reproduction on a modified VW pan so unless someone here has actually done it they’re guessing at best. 

Thus link may help too: 

After you go to the site click on TN and read through the fifteen pages of information. 

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