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Just saying hello to everyone after a long absence.   Still great to see the site is strong and community is supportive.   I have been checking in regularly but not posted since I sold my Beck back to the Carey and co. Back in 2016. To say I have missed driving my speedster would be an understatement.  

I hope to be back in the seat again soon and am on the lookout for right vehicle.  Currently been enjoying an 81’ CJ-5 I picked up from a family friend in NC.  The Chevy 350 SBC makes it haul but it just doesn’t quite handle like the Beck .  Like keeping a squirrel in a paper bag.    Quite a challenge getting in and out.  
Anyway, glad see so many familiar faces and names still on here and hope everyone one is well.



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Thanks All.   Beautiful car David!!   Not sure exactly what I am looking for at this time...  also always considering a build by Carey and Co.  having previously owned a beck, it was great. Those pre-owned Becks are going before they hit the website.  

Troys sliver outlaw is awesome.  Especially with the upgraded 2110 Motor.   If that was built by Vintage in Ca, it is a great car.  Also saw Moto’s 2004 Intermeccanica.  Wow.  

Thanks for all the PM’s and replies.  I will be on here and looking.  

Hello all.  Just an update on my car search.  What started out as a quest to get back into a Beck or Vintage, ended with a 911 Cabriolet purchase.   No idea how the hell that happened!   Seriously, hope to hook up with you all especially folks in the north east.   Thank you Danny for the buying guidance and sharing some must haves in the search.   

BTW... saw there is nice Vintage Speedster (CAL built) on BAT with no reserve in case anyone is looking!

Happy 4th all.  


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