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Brian, Todd - I've been to this show quite a few times and it is pretty cool and will be going to this event. Best to get there relatively early because it gets pretty crowded.

There is an area for P-car guys to stage & show their car (probably for judging), another area that is Swap-meet/Vendors and a building for additional vendors and memorabilia. There is also a food court.

I don't take my Speedster because you are pretty much relegated to the general parking area. In my pragmatic mind, there is no reason to tempt fate (possible vandalism by a P-car fanatic).

Lots of cool cars and products and an occasional celebrity! 

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@ScarletSpeedster - I am now you posted that.

I've never been @Todd M... have you? do you think there will be replicas there? or allowed? ha!

heres the website https://www.356club.org/356club-swap-meet and it says nothing about it only originals. 

Have never been, and I have no idea what their criteria are.  It says swap meet, so I want to see if there is anything I need for my project.

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