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Before any of the various combinations of "remote" stuff, you will need some kind of "full-flow" oil pump.

The most correct full-flow configuration is a single port oil pump that sucks the oil out of the sump and pushes it out of the case to the remote stuff. The oil returns to the case into a hole that needs to be machined into the case.

There is an alternative cheater method of acheiving full flow that uses an oil pump cover that has both an outlet and inlet port on the cover. You may want to seek additional techincal input on just how effective this method is.

Once you have some kind of full flow oil pump set-up, the remote stuff is easy to deal with. A complete remote package could include:
Remote oil filter mount (mounts to passenger side of firewall)
Oil filter (Fram HP-1 or equal)
Oil thermostat (returns oil directly from filter to case until temp execeeds 180)
96 plate oil cooler with fan.
Fan thermostat (mounted on output side of cooler, turns fan on if oil is over 180)
Enough 1/2" high pressure hose and connectors to get everything hooked up.

Butdget the remote stuff for about $225-$250, plus whatever method you sue for the full-flow oil pump.

All of the components are standard fare with any good aftermarket VW parts supplier. However, if you are not exactly sure what need, then you should consult carefully with your supplier. As mentioned by Vicki, CB Performance would be an excellent source for consulting as well as supply. Give-um a call and 'splain what you're up to.

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