Could someone please outline a correct procedure to do an oil change on a VW type 1 engine with a remote 911 dry sump system ? Henry just said drain the engine plug, drain the 911 tank, ( never mentioned needing to even look at the remote oil cooler ) and go from there. My understanding is that it holds about 10-12 litres of oil. 

I've bought 15 litres of Valvoline VR1 Racing oil as many of you use and thanks for that recommend. I know the oil level has to be checked while the engine is running, level and hot. So, after the drain and re-plug, would you add say 8-9-10 litres to the oil tank and start it up, then check level from there ? Or do you need to add maybe only 6 or 7 , start it up for circulation, shut it down / keep it running....add more then and check or what ?

A local friend owns a shop nearby and will put it up on the hoist to do the Ontario Safety check for Title transfer so we'll do an engine oil change, tranny oil change and have a peek underneath to look everything over. 

I don't have the Accusump for sure as Stan suggested. Thanks. 

We're sure looking forward to 2019 for some driving. 

David Stroud

 '92 IM Roadster D 2.3 L Air Cooled

Ottawa, Canada


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Hello Dave, on my 911 (1977) its about a 10 quart change and I pull the engine drain plug, oil tank drain plug and the cooler is left alone as the oil thermostat is at the back of the car and my cooler is up in the right wheel well. The oil is blocked from returning to the engine as the thermostat is closed when cold.

I put in 8 quarts and then let the car idle and check the temp gauge until the car is warmed up and my cooler up front is hot to the touch so that I know that I have full circulation front to back. On my oil level gauge I can see when the stat opens as the oil level gauge will start to rise which shows on the dip stick as well. With a new car I would sneak up on the fill until you know what the base line is for that engine ie when its fulling warmed up as over filling creates problems.

and, use a large capacity drain pain otherwise its ends up looking like the Exon Valdez oil spill.  

IaM-Ray posted:

@Bob: IM S6 Bob has a dry sump on his 6 cylinder and a tank holding a gizzillion liters of oil but I am not sure if the procedure is the same.  Maybe he can help. 

My system also has two oil filters, so I assume that's another difference.  All I know is that the shop that does my oil changes, also disconnects a line at the two front oil coolers to drain a little more oil out of them.  You cannot get all the old oil out of a dry sump system at an oil change, but with eleven quarts of new oil, a little old oil won't hurt all that much.

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