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Best system for your VS with 1835 is the A-1 Sidewinder from A-1 Performance Muffler located in Santa Ana, CA (SoCal). A majority of VS (and quite a few on SOC) have this system on their Speedsters. They can be made with a single exhaust exit (like mine) or the double exhaust exit you want.

The sidewinder has a nice throaty sound under acceleration but it tones down to a nice tone at cruising speed. Like you, I'm a cruiser (not racer), but this system does enhance your engine performance when you need to accellerate.

A-1 Performance does not have a website although you can Google them for reference. The contact number is  (714) 836-7201. The owner/proprieter is Tiger. He's very cool and helpful.

For your visual and sound reference, here is a video I made years ago with this exhaust. Hope you find this info helpful. 

When video begins. click 'Gear' icon in lower right and adjust video quality to 720p.

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Carlos G posted:

Jim does have the camera pretty far back on the car, so it's picking up a little more sound than it would if it was up near the driver.

Sounds fantastic to me.

@Carlos G is correct about video! I have the GoPro mounted in typical location on body just behind convertible top. I used duct tape to attach an MP-3 digital recorder on the bumper just above the exhaust tip. Did this for 2 reasons.

1. GoPro video to show shift points (exhaust note) relative to car's speed. GoPro built-in mic would not properly record exhaust note due to surrounding wind noise and distance from exhaust pipe.

2. MP-3 digital recorder duct-taped on bumper above exhaust for more accurate sound and volume of exhaust note. 

I synched the MP-3 recording with the GoPro video for effect of exhaust note relative to shift points. In editing, I gave more bias to (enhanced) the MP-3 recorded sound over the GVoPro wind noise. Actual sound of A1-Sidewinder when driving is not as pronounced as in this video but more subdued while remaining pleasing to the (gearhead) ear.  @wombat 

FWIW - the Tri-Mil exhaust is a much more restrictive exhaust system than A1. Unequal length of exhaust pipe (from each respective exhaust port, to the resonator/muffler) is manifested in a fluttering wave pattern of exhaust velocity (causing a slightly restrictive backflow).

A1 is a system that has all exhaust pipe of equal length into a collector/extractor minimizing if not eliminating backflow which results in enhanced engine performance.

I could be wrong, but that is how I understand it. Hope this info is useful. 

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@Arden I believe that is it. The A1 configurations do have some variation on muffler orientation (flat or upright) depending on the layout of the exhaust desired by car owner (down exit toward ground, single or dual exit at rear). 


Also, when Kirk (Vintage Speedster) was building my car in 2014, his engine builder had a smoking deal on a ceramic-coated A1 system that would fit my car. It wasn't made specifically for a VS Speedster which is why is hangs a bit lower and more exposed. Kinda gives the car a hot rod look.

A1 systems made to fit VS specifically, are built to be tucked up more under rear valence. Here is a visual comparison. Fellow SOCer Rene 'Dutch' car on left with VS specific system. Musbjim car on right with exposed system.


So far, I have 35,000 miles (56,000 Km) logged on this car. 


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