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Which tank fits?  I’m building a vintage and the tank supplied is messed up. The relocated welded in sender port is fine but the old filler was cut off and patched over very poorly. It’s all dented up too. It looks like a stock 10gal 67 beetle tank I think. Will the 12.5 gallon fit?  If so why patch up the filler just put a cap on it?  I’m using the center thru hood filler neck.

@edsnova posted:

Rad shop or acetone or just get this and follow the instructions. Probably a cool idea to do the whole Por 15 thing while you're at it.

I'm also running the 12.5 gallon tank in my speedster. Just like @edsnova suggested, I sloshed the new tank with acetone (and some bolts) twice and then did the POR 15 treatment. Absolutely no problems in nearly 4000 miles. Also, like @WOLFGANG, there's no room for a spare. I just store a small electric air pump and a tire repair kit next to the top of the gas tank for emergencies. I'm getting about 300 miles to a tank full, but that is truly on fumes.

Incidentally, I didn't feed like the CIP gas cap gave me a tight seal so I found a replacement. The Stant 10640 radiator cap fits the 12.5 gallon gas tank and leaves room to spare underneath the hood.

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@Davros99 posted:

Vintage spyder that is

Then, no on the big tank. I have a Vintage Spyder. Stock tank room ONLY unless you have a custom one made. Since yours is all dented, how are you on fabrication? You could keep the bottom of the tank and custom make the top half making it larger that way. No room underneath and not much up top, believe me I know...

The stock size tank seems to be plenty though. I go 160 miles on a tank and a stretch is not a bad idea at that point. The car is quite comfortable for me, but after a couple hours in anything a break is good. The bladder must be paid heed.

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