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Terry, most guys have removed the trans then the engine however, when Beck installs the engines, they attach it to the already installed trans. They do it with 2 guys, one on each side of the car and slide the engine in place, If you have a friend, you can do the same only in reverse.

The hydraulic clutch mechanism doesn't play into this scenario. Either way, Mechanical or hydraulic, it's virtually the same.
Hi Thanks for the input. By the looks of it..the Trans. has to come forward to clear the rear transmission mounting flange..I think that means the engine needs to come towards the front of the car, to give that you think its possible to leave the tranny in place and bring the engine forward enough to clear the input shafts? it looks as thought they mounted the engine from under the chassis.
When I was at Beck's shop this is what I saw.

The transmission and all of the running gear was in place.

Two guys lifted the engine and installed it by sliding the engine towards the trans. It's safe to assume that if they could install the engine then it can be removed in the same manner.
I have pulled my engine three times while leaving the tranny in place. To clear the shaft I had to muscle it at some odd angles up and rotated to the left side. I have to strip things off the engine to get it out - I think I took the carbs linkage and manifolds off so I wouldn't whack them; I also may have taken the alternator off. If you have a remote oil filter or a thicker performance oil pump, then it might need to be removed as well to clear the main cross tube.

I rented a hoist for $20 and it saved my back the last time. I covered the top of the back bulkhead and used a few layers of duct tape on hte main cross tube to protect them as well. It is real tight.

Most of this was because I have an older Beck without a removeable tube between the shock tops. If that were removable, then you might be able to undo the front trans mount bolts and loosen the rear ones and jack the trans up so that the engine can clear the main cross tube at the back of the bulkhead.

Let us know if you find an easier way.

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