Hello all. I have acquired an unused speedster top, apparently for one of the replicas. It's been in storage for a number of years, and I did not speak with the original buyer. I'd like to ID it if possible, and get a fair valuation for it. I'm hoping you folks can help with that.

See pictures attached. From doing some quick searches it's probably not a Beck. White / tan top and black underneath.

The condition is good; it has some minor discoloration and blemishes (see pictures).  I've given it a wash with mild soap, and not tried an intensive clean.




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Thanks for the replies.
I was told by my contact that this was for a Speedster replica, but that's as much info as I have. Don't know how to differentiate between vinyl and Haartz, any tips?
Also, if there are any sources for dimensions, that would be useful.

I appreciate your help.

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