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@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Enough power to have fun, and no need to do burnouts in front of a crowd of brain dead idiots.

Kirkham being local, a lot of guys that I grew up with who made bank ended up buying cobras. Every one I’ve talked to regretted getting the 427. Just too brutal for a street car. Most only take them to a show or two or an occasional C&C each year because of it.

Like I’ve posted before, if I ever had one built it would have been a 289 FIA with a EcoBoost I4.

@imperial posted:

How do they “VIN” the replacement steel bodies they sell  for Mustangs etc ,

now you can buy a replica bare metal  VW bus or pick up with no numbers

It’s based on whatever paperwork you still have. Just like basing a kit VIN on the VW pan.
There’s DOT paperwork to fill out to make it completely legal, but few bother with it, or need to.  And getting a SA/SC state plate kind of renders it moot  

Technically/legally, you’re supposed to do the paperwork when you do this. In fact, I think not doing it is actually illegal.


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