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Hi all,

I am not really a Newbie, but I don't post that often (just usually thread stalking in the background) Next week I move house and I get some new space to work on my spyder, which I haven't been able to for the last couple of years. The new place has a 3 car shed which will give me room to do a lot of the work myself. I was going to take the easy route and get someone to do it all for me, but once I did the research and found the guys I wanted to work on the car, they told me to book it in for next September, which was the earliest they could start on it. My spyder is about 80% there and the last 20% is pretty cosmetic but includes body mods to get the shape right and a few accessories added plus some more aluminium panel work.

I am in no rush, but need to start going back through these threads to see how other members have approached it or ask a thousand questions to you resto gurus! Here is my car ATM. To many it will look finished, but these cars are never finished!

TYP550 copyIMG_6061IMG_6063IMG_6064356SC


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Over the years I have amassed a collection of original spyder parts. Instead of keeping them in plastic tubs in the garage, I am going to fit them to the spyder.

- retrim seats and trims with original tan coloured barber pole vinyl
- change the body design to one of the earlier customer bodies that had the rubber deco strip on the nose without the air intakes.
- add the flat spot in the rear clam where the rear licence plate light is
- add functioning locks on the rear clam.
- update the cockpit switches to original ones
- mould a single driver's windscreen
- make an alloy cover for the fuel tank and add mounting straps
- replace pull cable for door locks with chrome handles
- weld on rear jack points
- update exhaust system
- repaint car, hand pinstripe gold paint over rear darts
-  apply Mille Miglia racing graphics

That will be my starting point.

This is my inspiration, 550-0035...



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IMG_3239IMG_3021IMG_3291IMG_4559IMG_4560IMG_4656Thanks for the warm welcome guys - I am sure I will face some challenges that I will need help with! @edsnova I am glad you use my site as a resource for your build. I have about 15,000 photos of original spyders which show pretty much every nut and bolt on the car. I also have a passion for the racing history and provenance of each 550 build which is like a big jigsaw puzzle to sort out. I pretty much get new info every day to sort and add to the story.

Here is some of the panel work I have done in the cockpit - a very time consuming process!


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