I noticed, while cleaning up my transmission today that I have what appears to be an electrical connection. Someone stated it was for reverse lights. I don't have reverse lights on the Spyder.

Does anyone use these on the Spyder?


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The shine up or down light has a center light that is normally a reversing light.

You can see about 5 inches behind you.  

I know that some on the list have installed a driving light low under the rear of the car that is triggered by the Reverse switch, so that is a possibility or you can get a circuit that blinks your brake lights on reverse as well. Kahtec.com makes it. 

I understand and I feel the same way as you do.  BTW I have not done any thing yet in 5 years to increase the lighting.  Someone had that center light set up to flash on another post.

Ray, Spyders and Speedsters: apples and oranges.

Chris, I installed a small, powerful LED light, about 1.25" in diameter. I stole power for a relay from the running lights in the taillights. That way if I leave the car in reverse, the only way the reverse light is on is if the headlights/taillights are left on. And when do you need a reverse light? Only at night. Beats running a wire up to the ignition, or extending one from say, the coil.

My light is offset to the left, due to center exhaust, and works very well at night.

@Napa Paul : Why wouldn't you? If you actually use your car, then maybe go out to dinner and come home in the dark. It's a nice feature, and the switch is just sitting there already.

You could use it to trigger a backup camera - even cast the image to your phone.  Some backup cameras mount above/around the rear license plate. \

Later T1 trans ('74?) also have a neutral switch not sure if it was for clutch or the seat belt warning.

"Splain it to me, Lucy,"...I don't get it.  You're talking about a "back-up light" and, now, a "back-up camera" going on a Spyder???  I'm returning to my initial question, "WHY would you?", as in why do you need either add-on?  Jeez, how far is it from the driver's seat to the rear-end (the Spyder's, not the driver's): MAYBE 5 feet? Okay, so it's dark....,just turn your head around and take a look.  The rear-lights (if, indeed, they're working properly), and albeit red, should still emit enough illumination, AND...if you're too old and feeble (like me) to turn your melon around, aren't there 2 mirrors to provide some alternative assistance?  Again, WHY would you install a back-up light and/or a back-up camera? 

I agree regarding the backup camera. I am pretty sure I can see the back of my license plate and pavement, about 2 feet off the back of the car when I turn my head around. 

A reverse light, as an indication of intention, is not a crazy idea. Thinking it is, is akin to asking why we need turn signals.....though a lot of people don't know how those work either. When I saw the switch....the first thing I thought about was a few occasions where I went to reverse and other drivers in the parking lot clearly had no idea I was in reverse and backing up. 

Danny has a 3rd brake light under his clam shell grill and #1 it looks nice and #2, helps people better see you are braking. I had actually thought about something integrated in the same spot but again, pretty low on the priority list. 

Bob: IM S6 posted:

You really need to install a back up beeper, like on those big construction trucks...

Would this work ?


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There is NO NEED for a backup camera on a Spyder. There is a need on my truck, looking down at my hitch makes hooking up a total piece of cake. As has been said above, the car is so small and simply turning around you can see. But like Chris said, signalling intent to back up is good. Also, it's great to see when it's pitch black at night, or maybe if you have a top, and visibility is limited, like I do.

And as Chris said, the switch is just sitting there, begging to be used.

Let's see......   Someone mentioned a back-up "beeper".   Great idea, especially at the grocery store on "Geriatric Wednesdays".

Ray showed the flashing light, also a good idea for Geriatric Wednesdays as a bunch of them are hard of hearing and/or haven't changed the batteries in their hearing aides in weeks....  "WHAT!?!?!?"

Chris!    MAYBE........   You could do BOTH!

Like Danny, I installed a reverse light under the rear clam shell. Mine is run to a toggle switch under the dash though. I have it connected to my blue high beam light to remind me when it's on. It's very useful for backing up at night, @Napa Paul. I live in the country and it gets very dark in the woods around these parts.

Rear 550 1019

You can also see my extra brake lights behind the grilles. I did make a thread of that upgrade. https://www.speedsterowners.co...itional-brake-lights

Ed is also installing a reverse light on his Thunder Ranch.



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I misunderstood what kind of light was being discussed as going on the rear. I thought the conversation was about a "back-up light." I just couldn't see how, why, and where such a "back-up" light would be deemed necessary. As for "reverse lights," I'm all-in on those. All too often some jackass can come barreling down on our "short" cars, so the more taillights the better! 

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