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Reyn Spooner famous Speedster Shirt. Not sure how long these have been out of production but I know they are rare and they do not show up often. This shirt is in great condition. Best offer over $200. My sailboat restoration project has sucked up all of my budget and the CFO has forced me to seek other forms of financing. With no Contras available, you get the picture.  Free shipping via USPS priority mail to 48 states. PM offers. Typical electronic payments accepted. Cash app, Applepay, Venmo. 

I'm not dead yet. I am feeling much better!



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FYI as is with almost an type clothing manufactured in the far east, sizing is a matter of perspective. The shirt is labeled as an XL. Now the matter of which Asian man was the model for the XL is of course open for debate. I am usually a L and it fits me perfectly. So I would consider it a L. Top quality camp shirts from Tommy Bahama the XL is like a tent on me. Hope the reference helps. 


MK, this is my XL size Reyn Spooner shirt I bought from Vince Manto some years ago(not for sale). I wear XL shirts and this Shirt fits me. It is Definitely a collector and there are not very many to be found if any at all. Just thought I would post this for others if they are interested in buying yours. Good luck with the sale, it is well worth it.


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