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Indeed. My friend was more motivated than I would’ve been, but I’m better off for it. I drove Hwy 50 through the 2 lane portion without seeing a single car. Only passed one on the last climb before SLT. After 7 or so the traffic was as expected, but we headed to more remote parts of the Sierras to find our turns.

@Ryan in NorCal very nice drive and thanks for sharing. How long was the drive for? Morning drive weather or afternoon? 

WOW!!! This is amazing. Has there ever been a more beautiful car?? The 356 Speedster looks like it belongs anywhere. 356 cars in general are just timeless works of art. 


These pics are absolutely amazing. Can we get full resolution pics? I think the forum compresses them. I can't get them to open larger than the one after the preview. Some of these should be printed out as 24x36 posters. Better yet even larger as well art. This is not helping my Speedster addiction but thank you for sharing!! 😁

Btw, when we finally start doing group rides again, I recommend Murphy’s, CA. Lodging is affordable, the town is super nice (our wives would love it). And there are a ton of amazing driving roads all around. And Yosemite is totally accessible for some once in a lifetime group speedster shots.

Has anyone been up that way before? @Terry Nuckels@Robert M@majorkahuna@MusbJim?

Have I been there before? Oh-h-h yeah! In 1980, I saw the elephant, became a
real man, and put on the red shirt when I became a Brother in E Clampus Vitus (ECV). Murphy's is the home of ECV's un-official shrine of Clamperdom: The Wall of Comparative Ovations. I've made, as have many of my Brothers, many a pilgrimage to Murphy's, and paid respect to the Wall while basking in the reflective glory of ECV's history. Such a visitation, and the fact that a place of imbibement is easily found nearby, makes Murphy's well worth a stop for an SOC cruise. 

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Hey, @Ryan in NorCal, long time no talk.

Andie and I have a cabin in Groveland, 20 miles from Yosemite on the 120 corridor. We love the small towns along 49 and the roads are spectacular. Hwy 4 from Angels Camp to Copperopolis is a beautiful drive. If you want a real Mr. Toad's Wild Ride check out Pool Station Road, along 49, which takes you from San Andreas to just east of Copperopolis (It's hard to believe the 50 mph speed limit on this road!). We take that route then go through the town and up to 108 to 120 and up Old Priest Grade (or New Priest Grade if you want to stretch out the drive.

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Not too far off. I was parked here trying to take an epic calendar photo and then Cory pulled up and photo bombed me.

Well, it turned out all his honking was just trying to be nice. Apparently I had left my turn signal on 50mi back and he was just trying to flag me down. 🤦‍♂️

Ryan, you’re very kind, and discretion is certainly your stock in trade, but I don’t feel it’s necessary to drape this photo in a lot of comic festoonery.  

So you’re towing me.  So what?  
I’m not ashamed.

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