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As I said a simple web search can help you. I typed in Subaru immobilizer info into google search.


My guess is the immo chip may be hidden in the car somewhere. Can you start the car with the fob NOT in the car? If so, buy a key and program it, then cut off the blade like SAS did, then you'll have another one.

If the car won't run, then maybe you can find a kind dealer or independent Subaru mechanic that can program a second immo chip and remote to work.

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Keys for cars with immobilizers have three parts: the physical key(which you're not using and is cut off of your fob), the RF remote part and an immobilizer chip.

The physical key activates a conventional switch, so it is not really needed if there is another switch like you have obviously(with it's own key).

The 2009 Legacy has an immobilizer chip which I believe must be in proximity to the receiver which is probably in the dashboard somewhere, along with the entire Subaru cluster(which is how Lawing did his last few cars).

Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm not a Subaru mechanic and never worked for any dealers of any brand.

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