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So our Spyders have an area above our gas pedal that can be in the way if one has big feet like myself.

fuel d bf

This intrusion is to allow for the outlet pipe for the fuel tank. The way the tank sits, there is a gallon of unusable fuel. I wanted to relocate the exit and shave the intrusion totally, but I decided not to at this time.

The stock VW outlet pipe is a bit long, so I made a new one.

fuel d 2

It will fit tighter to the tank and as a plus, fit the 5/16" fuel hose better. The stock brass prefilter still fits too.

I started by cutting the intrusion out.

fuel d 4s

I fit my improved drain pipe with a short piece of hose attached onto the tank and set the tank in place. I wrapped some foam around the pipe and the bit of hose. This was to allow for some clearance for later.

fuel d 5s

I carefully made a tape mold.

fuel d 6s

Removed the tank, placed some plastic on the sticky side of the tape, and put down a couple layers of fiberglass.

fuel d 7s

After another layer or two on the inside, some sanding and painting, then reapplying the carpet, and we have more clearance for my big foot.

fuel d 9s

I have yet to take it out for a test drive to really know. We'll see.

Whenever I get the gumption to relocate the outlet, I'll shave that thing totally.


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@LI-Rick If you do that, you'll gain that one gallon of fuel and you can pretty much shave that intrusion. I did clean my tank, but I just didn't want to go that far, this time. I'm not too hip on the VW tank. I would like to make a custom aluminum tank.  I did make a few improvements. I dressed up the fuel sender and made new tank hold down brackets out of some scrap aluminum angle and set some riv nuts for them.

I do have some other ideas for this area. I feel this area is a let down for this car.

fuel d 8s

@DannyP I used epoxy. I've used it many times on various other things. The inside came out way smoother than the carpet side, but the carpet covered that up. It was a royal PITA working on my back with the epoxy.

I can't even drive my truck with my Georgia lineman boots on. If I ever fell in the river with those things on, someone would have to come get me.

fuel d 10s

@550 Phil I'll probably still run barefoot, but it would be nice to have a shoe on for the cold months. When I get in the car I step over the door and put my bare right foot on the seat then my left foot goes on the bottom of the dashboard hoop, where it meets the main frame tube, then I lower myself down. I'll open the door to exit though.

To be continued....


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I've used a similar boot for diving.....Once.....They restricted circulation in random areas of my foot and when beach sand intruded, it was very painful.  A standard neoprene boot works pretty well.  I never thought to use them for driving.  perhaps they would work.  The only problem that I can think of is since they are stretchy, they may slide and/or roll around on your foot.  There's only one letter difference here......Bruce

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