Seatbelt Upgrade Time!

Still rocken those funky old Empi seat belts that came with your car?  Here's your chance to upgrade to a seatbelt worthy of your awesome Speedster or Spyder. 

These are a direct bolt in replacement for those ugly/boring Empi belts and have a beautiful Porsche crest on the chrome buckle.  The Porsche crest has Porsche on the top and Stuttgart in the center and is very high quality, not just a vinyl sticker. 

These are brand new and I'm selling them as a pair (right and left) for $90 per pair, plus $15 shipping to anywhere in the 50 states.   Please add $5.00 if you use PayPal to order.  I have multiple sets available.

If you would like to order a set, please make a $110 PayPal payment to me at or you can mail me a check for $105 and I will ship when the check clears. 



Troy Sloan
I buy Speedsters.


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