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@Stan Galat wrote: "it's a frame with pet-screen."

Our two Jack Russells could shred that in the time it takes to pop in to Wendy's for some chicken nuggets for them for lunch.  We would get back to the car and they would be sitting there amongst what was left of the screen with a look like, "Aren't you proud of us for saving you from this nasty screeny-thing?"  

Honestly, it was like living with perpetual toddlers.....   🤪

I know....   I'm just kidding.  

I've been a bit surprised that the plexiglass hasn't gotten smudged or scratched since I put it in 20 years ago, but then it isn't in a place that gets much of anything around it.  

I've noticed that when the sun is just so in the sky and you're heading in the exact right direction it can send quite a glare into your rear view mirror for a few seconds til you change direction - That wouldn't happen with a screen.

Still, the screen sounds like it would be quite a bit easier to assemble to a light frame or even an existing roll bar.  It's up to whomever is doing the install.  

@aircooled posted:

I saw this seat at the LA LIT and TOY show last Saturday.  I thought I might add this to the list of seats offered on this topic.  A little canvas and som padding might be pretty good !.......Bruce

How was the show? Ric was pretty bummed out that it snowed almost all last week. He was all dressed up with nothing but snow.

That was before the storm. He didn’t go.


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dlearl476........The LA LIT and TOY Show was a very profitable event for me.  By 10am I was already ahead by $1350 selling my wings, visors, door pulls,  foot rests,  Q.C. license plate brackets and prototype door panel cup holders.  Everyone started packing up and leaving by 1:30 pm so I did too.

The parking lot event in Orange County on Sunday was still on but I know they had rain down there a lot so I don't know about that one because I didn't attend.  That one is more for big parts and cars so it';s not my venue.......Bruce

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