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After careful consideration I am selling my 1957 Speedster Vintage Motorcar (Az) with only one year of ownership. I've always loved VW buses and moving into that direction now. Hoping to obtain an early model. I have discounted the price $4600 from the original purchase price. I am eager to sell...Sale Price $32,000; feel free to send me a private message if interested. 

FYI: I live on the central coast of California.

Date Purchased new 12 10 18; 1,800+ miles

1915 cc engine dual carbs; Tuned exhaust; Oil cooler with fan; 3:88 transmission; Front and rear disc brakes; wide 5 lug chrome wheels/caps; Pirelli tires; Vintage style radio/stereo with blue tooth; Full and ¼ tonneau; Luggage rack with vintage suitcase and leather belts; Coco mats; car cover; All Porsche badging added; Cruzin windows; upgraded the dash instrument cluster; touch up paint. Ivory white exterior, ball glove interior.



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Well, they sell a VW Bus tent, you could put it in your garage and go see it anytime and it would be as fast as an original

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@Newbie Danny bummer about selling your Speedster. GLWTS, but since you're close-by in Nipomo you should still plan on joining us in SLO for this year's West Coast Cruise. It's a Run-What-You-Brung event so no Speedster necessary to join the shenanigans. 

Regarding VW buses, you should plan on checking out the upcoming OCTO (Orange County Transporter Organization) event in Long Beach. The event is primarily pre-67 buses (split window) and it should give you some insight on what's going on with VW buses (prices and parts availability). There are usually a couple hundred buses there in all configurations and condition, plus flea-market and various vendors. They hold this event a couple times a year.

Usually a few of us SoCal SOCers are there to check it out. You can also check out YouTube for VW OCTO. Here's a pic for visual reference of the event...12631274_228171470852872_5669120584961115597_n

O.C.T.O. February 15, 2020, 06:00am - 2:00pm, entry $10

5000 E. Lew Davis St.

Long Beach, CA  90808

The site is close to Long Beach Airport on Lakewood Blvd and just behind the old Boeing plant.


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I sold my bus in 2010 to buy my Speedster. I spent 12 years restoring the Westy. It was the early days of the Internet and finding missing original parts all over the World was a great part of the Adventure. Having owned many Porsches over the years my long time yearning for a Speedster needed fulfilling. I saw a nice 23 Window at Anthony's a couple of weeks ago and it all came back at least for a moment. 

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