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Guy’s…I need something with a TOP!

To that end I’m offering my Spyder for sale.
Vintage 1996
Titled as 1955 Porsche, P226413
17,000km (10,540 miles)
Engine: 2276cc, type 1, 150hp

Documented 2007 La Panamericana Carrera racing history
Many race prep photos
Rally clocks
Master electrical disconnects
Custom built fuel tank
Wilwood front disk brakes
Drum rear brakes
Front mounted oil cooler
Remote oil filter
Front mounted battery

I purchased this car in 2015 and have completed lots of upgrades and detailing.

• Custom fabricated front anti-roll bar
• New steering gearbox
• New tie rod ends
• New steering dampener
• New brake master cylinder
• New clutch master cylinder
• New clutch slave cylinder
• New heim joint carburetor linkage mounts
• New “Porsche “ valve covers
• New push rod tubes and seals
• New floor mounted dimmer switch
• New sliding seat rails
• New upholstery (vinyl)
• New carpets
• New alternator
• Carburetors cleaned and overhauled (Redline kits)
• Race livery recreated

I’ve been pretty busy.
I have driven the Spyder 4,000m (2,500 miles)
Longest single trip was 200 miles.
The car is driven about 50 miles each week.

It’s a show stopper!
We were at the local Porsche dealer, June 9, for Porsche’s 70
Local Porsche club verifies that it was the coolest car in attendance.

It was a race car! There are some scratches in the paint. There is no structural
damage. The decals were not intended to hide defects…maybe a paint chip or

Price is $28,000. I have that much in the car.
I will trade for a nice, well executed, Speedster with a similar engine.

Gotta have a top!


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