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The 502 car is really amazing. The part that is tough to replicate is the rear engine lid. The shape of it is not totally correct, though very close. Honestly, it is nearly impossible to do perfectly. To me, that is the giveaway.

The fellows from 502 are really amazing guys — very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I know the owner of this car — Silas Boyle. He’s a real enthusiast.

Did I go through over 20 pages and miss the video of this work of art actually moving??

Not yet. There were a few minor issues Anand wanted to have tweaked a tad further. And then like the story, When you Give a Mouse a Cookie, things got out of hand and Anand is having a few more parts "replicated" just like the original for that extra touch.

Trust me, when that bad boy is rolling you will see it. Here's a photo of it at the DMV:



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