Carey added some new 4 cam style air cleaners from Vintage Speed, installed my single plexi windscreen (no one is a fan except for me!), and re-installed my Sebring-style exhaust. 

Crank trigger wiring is likely next, followed by re-installation of the front hood and doors!



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@Kevin - Bay Area@Stan Galat@edsnova — glad you guys like the progress! Yep — the single plexi can be changed for a full length one as Robert mentioned. The flexibility is nice, but driving with the single plexi and a hard tonneau really makes the car look cool. 

These air cleaners are from Vintage Speed — I chose them because they accept a standard EMPI filter inside that can be cleaned. The original KNECHT ones are made for Solexes and don’t really filter the air that well. The 4 bolt Carrera ones that Ed is alluding to change hands for ridiculous sums, so I thought it better to use these. 

Hopefully there will be more photos soon! Carey should be back on it Monday.




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When you can mix looking good and practicality it's a win win. Of course, this whole car is a win to the tenth, and then some.

BTW, what are you doing for a fuel tank??? That's one of the things on my list.

If ever I'm somewhere and someone wants to get a tour of my car, and I'm feeling like it, I avoid showing them the frunk. Mine looks so cheese wiz. 

Carey is currently going through the rest of my wiring harness, as it was in total disrepair. Quite a tedious job, but he’s getting it done. After that, he’ll finish the plumbing for my brakes, the fuel system and then he’ll get the fuel tank back in. 

It looks simpler than it is, I suppose! Everything takes time. 

More to come!


I started out with the wiring harness from my donor '69 VW sedan and then added a bunch to it for the other stuff I wanted.  

A great deal of hair-pulling ensued.  

Very similar process to what Carey's elves are most assuredly using on your harness (but I had the advantage of an official VW wiring diagram that was, at least, accurate for the original stuff).  

He/They deserve at least a case of really good suds for their efforts.   

Well, the plots thickens. 

As usual, progress has been ensnared by the discovery of yet another example of poor craftsmanship by the previous builder of my 550. 

Carey was in the process of re-installing my fuel tank with the illustrious Randy Beck when they realized that the straps that secured it were thin pieces of aluminum that had been welded together. Carey (and Randy) used a few adjectives to describe it, but I can’t post those words here. LOL. 

Carey and Randy immediately sheered some stainless, milled grooves in it, and are remaking the straps. If you haven’t already been convinced by the contents of this thread, no one can beat Carey Hines in the world of customer service and fabrication. Period!

Old straps...


High quality welding work below from the SoCal shop that fabbed this tank 🙄


Randy Beck making things happen


New straps!



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