Carey has been working on my Bendix fuel pumps (just faux — we have a Redline to do the real work!). 

The first photo is from a real 550. Carey found brass fittings, but nothing like what they Germans used in the 50s. What did he do? Sanded, tapped, cut and glass beaded each one and made it perfect. This guy is amazing. 

Braided hose, decals and clamps to come!



Images (2)
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Those look perfectly legit. Salute, fellow members of the Fake Fuel Pump Club!

I clamped a couple split fuel lines between my real fuel line and the Autopulse 500 inlets to complete the illusion. 


I think our friend Carey is having more fun than he lets on.  Both Anand and Ed are going to have spectacular cars.

I invited Ron and Maddie to show their Spyder at next April's Cars on Kiawah show, and they plan to be there.  I know one of the folks on the board, and connected them.  I'd love to see either or both of you do the same.  If you're interested, please let me know ASAP and I can put you in touch with folks who can get you in.  Don't wait, though, as registration opened a week or so ago and it fills up quickly (limit 250 cars).  BTW, I plan to have the new Beck Super Coupe there as well.  there will be a large 356 contingent and we are going to be next to them.  I know some of them and they're good folks.

Go to for more info.

@chines1 ran into more bad workmanship with the plate light. 

He took it apart and put all new parts inside it (including a better LED light) and got it mounted. Along the way, we realized the exhaust was crooked! 


Carey is going to install the spare tire holder next, so he’s left the engine lid off.

He installed a new bracket to hold the engine lid up. 


These receiving brackets were in bad shape, so Carey glass beaded them and painted them. 


Getting there!


Images (4)

Lane, I'm flattered that you mention my build in the same post with this one. And I'd love to show the car on a golf green in the spring. Only trouble is, every time I tell some show it'll be there, something happens (or fails to happen) and the car ain't ready. 

Also, it's 10 hours from my house to the island. A bit of a stretch a month ahead of Carlisle. Sorry.

Anand: so great to see more progress. The "seat" Carey makes for you spare tire will certainly be more authentic looking than the one I hammered out of an old frying pan!

@edsnova - Carey is using what was already there-nothing new! Nevertheless, the effort you have put it cannot be discounted. You are genuinely talented and doing an outstanding job. I love your build thread!!

Ed Wrote:  "Only trouble is, every time I tell some show it'll be there, something happens (or fails to happen) and the car ain't ready. "

I went through that with Pearl and my son, Chris (and so much for that "build it in 40 hours" Horse-Hockey).

I promised he could use it for his High School Junior Prom (didn't make it), then his Senior Prom (didn't make it), Then HS Graduation (didn't make it), then College graduation (didn't make it).  Finally had it done so he could use it when they got married, which he did, only to have it shear a rocker arm shaft and die right after the posed photos were over.  It looked mint for the photo session, though....   

And how many broken VW rocker arm shafts have you ever seen?

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Carey glass beaded the hoses for my breather system and coated them with shark hide! Much more 4-cam like. 


Trying to align the hood hole and the tank (not as easy as it sounds!)



Images (2)

Carey painted the receivers and got them installed. 


The breather tank got a screen installed in the back and all of our AN fittings were attached. 




Images (3)

@DannyP Yes, Pat said my -8AN breather wasn't big enough and he wanted at least -12AN so I said "eff" it and blew a 1" hole in the back of the breather can...  just put the screen there to prevent anything from getting in.


Trying to align the hood hole and the tank (not as easy as it sounds!)


That is the one thing that Henry said he would not do on my IM6 build - fabricate a centre fill gas arrangement.  It is a lot more work than people think, especially on a Speedster.  Lots of measuring, etc. as Carey certainly knows.

Looks great.

chines1 posted:

@DannyP Yes, Pat said my -8AN breather wasn't big enough and he wanted at least -12AN so I said "eff" it and blew a 1" hole in the back of the breather can...  just put the screen there to prevent anything from getting in.

If bigger hose is used then airspeed on the way up to the breather container can get slow enough that the oil starts falling out of suspension before it even reaches the can. Gordon found this when he went from 3/8 to 5/8" breather hoses on his car, which has almost 3 times the volume of 3/8" hose. The hose itself becomes a useful part of the crankase volume.


I've continued to drive Carey crazy. I had him repaint the tank -- the paint on it was terrible, and it needed some rehab anyway. Carey made it look perfect, as always!


Carey got it strapped back in, and then aligned it. FYI: The hood has been cleaned -- the rest of the car hasn't LOL


I then put Carey up to the task of making a mount for my fuel filter, just like the original car had (picture taken from Rainer Cooney):


Carey made a custom bracket. Absolutely awesome fabrication skills. The guy is amazing. 


He went ahead and mounted the bracket for my voltage regulator, too. 


The next step is to get some wiring sorted under the dash (quite an undertaking)! We're slowly getting there!



Images (11)

...and this is why I will always be a Special Edition fanboy. My car is getting TLC over the holiday weekend! Another tedious (but cool) piece done!



Images (2)

Every so often (although seemingly more often with cars on this site), you see a car that is a “Wow” car.  

You are drawn over to it and make a slow lap around it, finding more things that make you say “Wow” as you drink in the workmanship and details.

Then, you draw your friends over (Hey!  Look at This!”) and you make another lap around and find a few things you didn’t notice the last time, pointing them out to each other, each one making you say “Wow”.

Some (but very few) of the Hot Rods I see are like that, and the cars from the Ralph Lauren collection when it was last shown, and the cars up at the Spyder Factory, too.

I think both Anand’s and Ed’s Spyders in progress are turning out to be “Wow” cars.  That is definitely not easy to do.  It takes a lot of $$$ and even more in labor, applied with mucho TLC.  Both of those cars are the epitome of “Building it like somebody cared”.  

My hat is off to everyone involved with these builds.  “Wow.”



Images (1)

You guys have been referencing Rainer Cooney and the Spyder Factory from time to time, so I thought I would dig down into the Vault and show a video from just before the start of the Spyder Factory, back in late 2013.   Rainer was just about to leave Meister Restorations (he still has a hand in it to this day, although less as time goes on and the Spyder Factory really took off) and head down the road (literally) to the gorgeous, 3-story, post and beam shop of the Spyder Factory, but he gave the local 356 club a tech session day at the old shop.

Here you go:

@chines1 buttoned up the front end of the car -- it's coming together nicely. The gas tank is in (and centered), and the front latches are functional. 




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