@edsnova: Yep — Carey is 6’2”! Great photo of the Spyder with the split windshield — that looks like something that came off of an America roadster. I’ve never seen that photo before!

Here’s the lineup: myself with the Prez of Stanistan and Carey. No barbarians here - just a few awesome dudes 



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@arajani yeah that pic is from type550.com; one of the post LeMans, pre-restoration shots of 0051 when it was allegedly used as a rally car circa late '50s or early 60s (later it was used for instruction at a race driving school). 

I love that pic because of how incongruous that windscreen looks, and how utterly perfect for the stated task. Big Jaguar C-Type energy there. You can see the wipers were fitted then and that works for my story for my car, which has the plinths and will wear plugs in them when I put the plexi screen back on.

At that time that car also had a second spare tire strapped to its rear deck. People did all kinds of terrible things to these cars back in the day!

You look taller than Carey in this pic, man! Gotta be the angle!


Ed, it's the hair, or lack thereof. I of course am leaning HARD to the Stan look.

Hey, I know two of the three in that last picture. Someday soon we're going to change that.

@Carlos G posted:

I flipped my car, angled it the same, and used the wheels to get the size as close as I could get. I'm running 15s and your running those awesome 16s. BTW, my car is a Vintage built by Seduction.

Compare 1

It's like comparing an apple with a rock.

I really suggest that you NEVER again utter the phrase "I flipped the car" when talking about your ride.    You don't want to piss off whatever driving deity oversees that maneuver. 

@Lane Anderson and @DannyP — it would be an honor to see you both and have a beer together. So many great guys on the SOC!

I’ll have to start local and try and go to the event on the central coast here in California. @Robert M, who has organized it, is one of my very best friends — and I have yet to go! He and @Teby S (my brother from another mother) have been encouraging me to find a way to get there for several years now!

@edsnova posted:

Again, and I can't emphasize this fact too strongly or too often, if you are sitting in a Porsche 550 RS your head will be above the top of the windshield because that is how they were made, on purpose, in 1955.

The only exception is if

Notwithstanding Stan's unusual physiology, his stated preference for how he wants the car to fit his body is at odds with the fundamental realities of space-time. 

FWIW, a Spyder looks like a Coupe de Ville compared to a Lotus 7/11.  

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