If you have Apple or Google Photos links to your albums, please share them here. That way people can get the hi-res versions in addition to seeing them on the forum.

@MusbJim is already hard at work preparing this year's West Coast Cruise video. If you'd like to submit your photos and/or videos to Jim, please send them via WeTransfer.com to his email address: musbjim at gmail dot com

I'm still sorting through 400GB myself, so I get the challenge. Thanks for the effort.


Original Post

I'll start you off with 300 photos and videos on Google Photos. Download them all if you have 30GB to spare. Or sit back and enjoy an overview of the whole adventure, from where we sat:

... It looks like some of the clips near the end didn't render correctly, but I think you get the idea. I'll leave the official video to the professionals (Thanks Jim!).

@Robert M - I can't thank you enough. You made it look easy, and were having a blast. Count me in to help any time.

@Cory McCloskey - Coast Road will forever be on my list of favorite roads. Thank you for introducing it to me and driving 100 misty miles in 50°F to meet me there.

@TheMayoMachine - you took the challenge route without knowing what's ahead, or who will be there. It made my drive to see you there.

@Teby S - my windshield need a touch up. I'll stop by as soon as it cools down.

@Dave Mitchell, as the winner of the Poker Photo Rally, it's time to put your cards on the table!

@OCC - KILLER SWAG this year. My garage is covered with your generosity.

@PaulEllis - thanks for helping me with my ebrake, for finally getting Cory up here, and for the endless smiles that surround your car.

@Kevin - Bay Area - see you in Napa. I'm happy to help where I can. Let's smoke some cigars again soon.

@majorkahuna - My paint thanks you for its new shield. You know it'll be tested.

@MusbJim@Terry Nuckels@slofuzz and all the old guard - THANK YOU for your years of making this happen. This event stands on the shoulders of giants.

Wow...well said @Ryan in NorCal. The winning had was picked by Dee. She shot most of the photos and pulled the winning hand! @Cory McCloskey it was so much fun meeting you on that last run. The stand up and song were priceless...@Todd M for taking great photos and getting poison oak. Good thing @TheMayoMachine didn’t  lose any more of the rub block on the muffler. Who knew dirt could spark...

yep a good time had by this camper! 

Fantastic video!

Rusty S posted:

The music was just wonderful to listen to while watching the car burn. Completely takes your mind off of what was happening and really gives the whole ordeal an air of loveliness.

I echo this comment.  Seems rather joyous looking at the car, engulfed in flames, as we pass.  In reality, my heart was racing, hoping the "Hollywood explosion" would not occur as I, or any of us passed.  

Also Ryan, thanks for the video and all the photos.  Simply amazing!


Epic video! I watched every bit of it. What happened to your rear badge? At the 3:55 mark, the badge is there, but at 4:34 it's not. I really meant it when I watched every part of it. Beautiful weather, cars, scenes, people and memories that will last a life time.



Photos (2)

Happy to see the continuity police are on the case!

Thankfully my right seat discovered the badge was barely hanging on after our Coast Road adventure. It was safely moved to the cockpit for safe keeping.

I also cracked Aircooled Bruce’s wings for the second time earlier that morning, so I threw them up front. I share that for the other eagle eyes out there looking for continuity mistakes.

The video above was made with Apple Photos doing the heavy lifting. I still have 60gb+ of 360° GoPro video to work through. More fun to come. I'm outsourcing the rest to Pineapple Productions and Fiverr.

Young man, there are 1000 sandrail places selling all kinds of off-road stuff for VWs. There’s no need for another car— we could have you jacked up and in Dick Cepek tires in no time.

A bash-plate here, a baja exhaust there, and you’ll be rockin’ the Mint 1000 in style. 

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