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Jess --

My Jamar looks like this picture (Notice the linkage for rotation is diagonal rather than like yours which is straight up&down vertical). I have a standard VW shifter mechanism in the cockpit.

You say that it was working at one time. So, for starters you have an unusual shifting pattern or you have a different shifter mechanism in the cockpit.

Drop the long shaft from the cockpit to the Jamar off the bottom of the Jamar (it's an Allen socket head bolt on the bottom tip of the Jamar). You should then be able to grab the Jamar and manually shift the transmission through all of it's gears. It sounds like what you say you are able to do this -- at least push the tail shaft of the trans in an out. You should be able to do this if there is NO fluid in the trans.

Once you know the trans clicks through all the gears with smooth mechanical "clunk", then study how much the tail shaft on the trans needs to rotate to slide into one of the 3 "gates" (R, 1&2, 3&4). You might even be able to make some reference marks on on the tail shaft and nosecone. Then hook up the long shaft from the cockpit again.

Now have someone run the shift pattern from the cockpit while you watch the Jamar. If it now does not click from gear to gear you should be able to visually determine why.

The Jamar will tolerate absolutely NO slop in the linkage (the usual cause is loose universals). ALL movement of the shifter in the cockpit must translate into movement of the Jamar.

Presuming the linkage between the cockpit and the Jamar is sound (without slop), then once the Jamar is adjusted it is a dependable and positive shifter (no matter what others may say).


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Incidentally -- that red urethane transmission mount in my picture is an absolute no-no. The engine wants to move forward against the mounts when accelerating. The mounts by themselves can't withstand the force.

In very short order I shattered and deformed the red urethane mounts. There were some difficult to troubleshoot symptoms that this caused, but what let me to eventually find the problem: the car would pop out of gear or I couldn't reliably shift . . . . something to think about.

What was happening is the engine position was shifting around and consequently changing the relationship between the shifter in the cockpit and what was happening at the nosecone on the trans.
Just as an FYI, I worked for many hours to get my Jamar working to no avail. I bought a Brandwood cable shifter and in less than 2 hours I had everything working. If you can get the rod shifter working I have no doubt that it will have a better feel than a cable but if it's an issue, bail on the rod and switch over.
You don't say where the leak is located........If it's around the Jamar unit, I would susspect that the tail shaft seal is shot, and the bushing is worn.....Cheap replacement cost, as they come as a single unit normally....Otherwise, check your axle boots, side cover sealing, and last, but not least, outer wheel bearing seals......Ooops, almost forgot, if its dripping from the clutch area, it may be the front seal......
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