Shirts Shipped 5/14

D8E7BFD2-8413-4956-9AE2-6C801EE831C6Anyone who ordered their Carlisle ‘18 shirts to be dhipped should exxpect them in the mail this week.

Please note that my printer decided not to pay attention to directions and printed the logo on the back of the blue t-shirts. If you find this offensive to your t-shirt tastes, I will refund the price of the shirt. However, it will require a doctor’s signature explaining your particular peculiarity.

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Robert M posted:

"Bated" is a form of "abate," which means “to diminish, beat down, or reduce.” So when you're waiting with bated (read: abated) breath, you're so eager, anxious, excited, or frightened that you're almost holding your breath. That set phrase, "with bated breath," is the only place you'll hear "bated" used these days.

So she finally took the bait and we all sat there with bated breath wondering and hoping that her enthusiasm would not abate before she actually did what she said she'd do at the bar last night.   Approx ?

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