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DannyP posted:

Sorry, I can't let this one slide. Weddle sells three types of gears that fit a type1 transaxle: stock, Sportsman, and Racing. There isn't a straight cut in the bunch, look for yourselves. Stock ones aren't straight, we all know. FYI, the same gears fit swing and IRS, except for a very few early gearboxes.

The point is, I think the car is beautiful, and I like JPS coupes, I've driven three. But instead of telling someone "hey it's an older gearbox and the coupe body amplifies noises" we go straight to the carnival huckster routine. Not cool.

The only straight cut gears for the VW type 1/3 transaxle were made by Webster for their conversion which used the trans tunnel, I'm guessing the stock ring & pinion/differential, gear section (I think) and I don't know what else. It was strictly a racing trans without conventional synchros so it was rather 'difficult' to drive on the street (although a few tried). I think there may have been a 5 speed version as well. Again, iIrc it was popular with the VEE and Super VEE crowd?

DannyP posted:

Max, I am truly glad you've had a happy JPS "experience". But I know of many more not-so-happy ones. The reputation is not undeserved.

I'd love to dissect the trans and find those "straight cut" gears. You got hip waders? It's getting deep.

Who had the JPS coupe that came to Carlisle and sold it not long after due to tranny whine? I drove that car and it was nice. The whine wasn't too bad actually, it didn't bother me but it bothered the owner something awful. I don't think his expectation/reality ratio was close to reality.....

I know the car and the Doctor that owned it. He  asked me to drive it . A nice coupe it was and having a noisy / modified tranny the Doc asked me to drive the car to see if I thought the whine was serious. The noise was there but minimal to slight in my estimation. The car performed well. He appeared to be unconvinced that the noise was normal and sold the car. 

Thanks guys. I get along with people and did ok with John. Not stuff worth mentioning although some may know I waited a long time. A time frame such as Tom (I spoke to Tom sometime during my build). No worries as the car is decent. Not sure how my transaxle is built, but it is built. I've had VW's. I just consider this another one. Fun car.

 I am done with defense mode, I'll move along. Sorry to the OP for hijacking. 

On the noise, my plan is to double down on the mat material (Costco / Lowes roofing stuff)) and somewhere in there lay-down a very thin membrane mat, almost looks and feels like surgical rubber. From what I have read, different materials are better blocking those noises that come in on different frequencies. I am then going to rubber mat the floor with coco mats as the topper. Does this makes sense? .... Wait! I am not in this to make sense ... Right?

I like my 'race car' sounding coupe. The exhaust note is not bad at all. Completely docile when puttering about. Just a hint of tough. It modestly increases in volume as I rev out. Fine by me.

The 4th gear whine is not so bad either. Its there, for sure. It stops the wife and I from yakking at certain times. Like pulling a grade at lower rpm's. By myself or a friend, it sounds so... hmmm... rock crusher I guess I would have to call it. Sometimes I drive around the whine, as in a good rev out in 3rd, so I can relax in 4th vs accelerating through it if that makes sense.    Gives me an idea for a new thread... 

I'd recommend some Dynamat or similar. I'd probably be tempted to install it on the inside first, then outside if needed. There is a big difference between an open car and a closed one. You've no idea how loud my Spyder got with the convertible top on.

I would definitely investigate what mounts you have as well, as that could be a major noise transmission factor.

I'm thinking that closed in space tapering toward the engine/trans area acts just like a PA loudspeaker.


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