shoulder belts for Intermechanica Speedster.

Hi, I am new here and just bought my speedster about 3 weeks ago.
I want to put shoulder belts in it but need info on the recommended ones and where to anchor the shoulder belt in the back? I am assuming we need to find some frame to bolt it to. 

can anyone help with this?

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One of the members on here, Bob Carley, had Henry at Intermeccanica build a roadster with a Porsche 993 drive train in it.  Bob also asked for a decent roll bar set up with seat belts similar to what you're looking for.  Here is a video of that build and, while it's a bit long, you'll see how the car was built and how the roll cage is integrated into it.  It's a really slick build.

After Lane decided to modify his steering wheel with his face, I started considering going with a seat with integrated brackets and 4 or 5 point belts.  Lane found these and it looks like they would fit in a Beck (they have the most spacious interiors of any of the replicas), but not sure about an IM.

This would be far less tear up than a roll bar.

I winter my car at Special Edition, and when I considered it, the seat delivery timing wouldn’t work out for this calendar year, so I dropped it.

I’m also not sure that my butt would fit in the seat.  I’m hoping that someone else can be the Guinea Pig :-).

I’ll reconsider this winter.

Don Torrey posted:

Lane, how would the seats help?  Without a roll bar there is still no point above the shoulder to attach the shoulder belt.

The seats are made with a frame and it has an optional metal attachment that routes the belts above your shoulders that they call the “Trips harness device.”

If you end up with belts over your shoulders, a 3-point MUST be higher than the shoulder.

If you go 4 or 5 point, a 10 degree down angle on the belts is OK, and can be up to 40 degrees depending on seat design(this is according to SCCA and Porsche club racing specs). Spine compression is not an issue on my installation, for my height. My belts go over the shoulders and then go down about 10 degrees and through the firewall. They then wrap around a chassis tube that goes across the engine side of the firewall up high.

Since you have all that room in a Speedster, you guys can't do what I did. If I had a Speedster I'd go for the Trips device(and corresponding seats) and a 3 point belt. This would work very well for the street.

A lap belt keeps you in the car and allows you to fling around like the end of a bullwhip. Never again for me. 

If you look at the roadster seats on an IM, they have the shoulder belt attached to the upper edge of the seat in a similar manner but not exactly like that classic car seat. 

While, it may not be high enough for all body styles, I mean human  if you fit the seat it is a better system.   Now for those IM's that are roadsters and go to the UK they have a high shoulder belt arm welded on the frame to meet the seat belt regulations for the 3rd point. 

On my recaro seats, a much higher back rest seat, my shoulder belt goes on top of the seat just like the roadster seat and it is slightly above my shoulders so it does the job but may not be officially high enough by standards.  

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