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BaT just now let me know my listing "should be" going live tomorrow, Tuesday, the 3rd day of 2023!

OK, OK!  I know I was a little premature - more exactly, by about 90 days - but I know ALL "real" men have experienced that problem AT LEAST once in their maybe you can cut me some slack.

I could blame the delay on supply chain delays, weather, fitment problems, inflation, Murphy's Law and what Yul Brenner said in the King and I ("et cetera, et cetera, et cetera"), but I won't.   I'll leave it at "S**t Happens!" and just be happy to finally test the marketplace.

If she doesn't sell on this auction, I'll keep her, see everyone at the '23 West Coast Cruise and try again when "beach weather" makes its Siren Call.

If anybody reading this Post has ANY questions for me about my Clown Car, you know how to get ahold of me one way or      another.

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